Las Vegas: Mandalay Bay Resort



If you are looking for a really nice place to stay in Las Vegas, look no further – Mandalay Bay Resort.  This is a great resort for couples and families!

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A Winter Retreat: Taboo Resort in Muskoka Ontario


Sometimes you just need a break from city life!  I’m sure many of you can agree.

Our escape from the city is Taboo Resort in Muskoka.  It’s about one and a half hours north of Toronto, near Bracebridge.  Taboo Resort is a beautiful resort in the winter (also in the summer).

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Top 10 Travel Items… we can’t live without!

1. Camera (because pictures are worth a thousand words)

Our Canon camera is how we bring our adventures to you, our readers!  Our camera is what brings life to our chronicles.  With our camera we are able to capture video snippets, and beautiful landscape photos of the places we visit.  Our camera captures our memories!

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Winter Fun… Cross Country Skiing

Our winter fun cross-country skiing was at Scenic Caves in Blue Mountains, Ontario.  Nature is beautiful.  The snow softly covers the dense forest and creates this wonderful picturesque scenery.


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Winter Fun… Snowshoeing

Winter is back again!  The best way to enjoy the winter is to find some fun activities.  Winter fun started with snowshoeing in Muskoka.  Muskoka is cottage country in Ontario, it’s beautiful in both summer and winter.

A groomed snowshoe trail

A groomed snowshoe trail

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Our Best Nature Moment in 2013

My (Charlene) favourite nature moment of 2013…

Hiking in Zion National Park "The Narrows"

Hiking in Zion National Park “The Narrows”

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Best Wildlife Moment 2013

My (Charlene) favourite wildlife moment for 2013…

Ucluelet, British Columbia

Whale Watching in Ucluelet

Whale Watching in Ucluelet

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Christmas in Toronto

I love Christmas!

This is my favourite time of year.  I love the decorations, I love the Christmas music and movies, and I love visiting family and friends.  It is a great time of year, lots of love.

Many years ago, I received my first Santa Claus decoration from my Mother.  Each year I am given a new Santa Claus.  In the picture below you can see just a few from my collection.


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Iconic Sites of London

Tower Bridge on the River Thames, a drizzly day that showcases the beautiful blue and gold highlights on the bridge.  Hop on the river cruise to really appreciate the view.



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