Winter Fun… Snowshoeing

Winter is back again!  The best way to enjoy the winter is to find some fun activities.  Winter fun started with snowshoeing in Muskoka.  Muskoka is cottage country in Ontario, it’s beautiful in both summer and winter.

A groomed snowshoe trail

A groomed snowshoe trail

The snowshoe trail we took was groomed and went through the beautiful forest.  It is really nice to see the snow on the trees.  We really enjoy hiking (you may have noticed from other chronicles), and the weather does not hold us back.



Me in my snowshoes.

Me in my snowshoes.

Andrew in his snowshoes.

Andrew in his snowshoes.

Of course, we had to stop and play in the snow along our hike.  As you can see the snow is almost up to Andrew’s knees.  He was trying to position himself for a picture.  I had to make a snow angel.  We would have had a snowball fight but the snow was a little too crunchy.  Small things like this bring me back to some great childhood memories.




Our snowshoes came from Snowshoes Canada.  We love the look of the traditional snowshoes.

Our snowshoes.

Our snowshoes.

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