Top 10 Travel Items… we can’t live without!

1. Camera (because pictures are worth a thousand words)

Our Canon camera is how we bring our adventures to you, our readers!  Our camera is what brings life to our chronicles.  With our camera we are able to capture video snippets, and beautiful landscape photos of the places we visit.  Our camera captures our memories!

 2. Google Tablet (because even without the internet our position is mapped on the tablet)

Before we leave for a new adventure, we always save maps of the areas we will be visiting in the tablet.  With the Google tablet, we can pull up the map and the GPS will locate us within seconds.  We can pull it out inconspicuously because the tablet is small, this way we don’t look lost or too much like a tourist.

3. Water Bottle (because a girl gets thirsty when you walk all day long)

We stock up on water bottles at the local grocery store.  Usually we will try to buy a case of water bottles (depending on if we have a rental car).  This is a money saving tip.  Think about it, a person will probably drink about 2 liters of liquid a day – if you are buying one bottle of water at a time, it really starts to add up!  We will try to put a few bottles in the hotel fridge for the following day (if we have a fridge).

4. Backpack (because it’s the best way to carry all your stuff around)

A backpack is perfect to carry all of your things for the day.  Put your water bottles, tablet, snacks, layers of clothing, and whatever else your heart may desire.  A backpack distributes the weight of all of your things on your back.  The last thing you want is a sore back from carrying all of your items in a shoulder bag or hand bag.

5. Granola bar (because a girl has got to eat!)

While you are at the grocery store picking up your case of water, grab some granola bars.  You never know when you are going to feel a little hungry.  This is also another money saving tip.  If you buy one off snacks each time you feel hungry, you could spend a pretty penny in one day.  Wouldn’t you rather put your money towards activities?

6. Running Shoes (because I want my feet to last me all day long!)

I can’t emphasize this enough… comfort, comfort, comfort!  There is nothing worse than having to go back early to your hotel because your feet are sore.  If you wear comfortable running or walking shoes, this will never be an issue.  Plus you want to be ready to go the following day, you don’t want to have to miss adventures because you need to sit all day.

7. Swimsuit (because, well, you just never know when you will want to jump in a lake, pool, ocean, etc.)

Depending on when and where you are going, you may want to jump in the hotel pool or the closest lake, ocean or river.  It is always good to have  your swimsuit, because when you do need one the price is always higher than you want to pay.  No one wants to spend money on things they already own when you could use that money to rent a paddle board.

8. Wallet (because, hey, you just never know when you will come across a small shop with a cute little dress)

Wallets are always key, you won’t be able to pay for anything without it.  You may not want to travel with all your important cards but at least one credit card, and your travel insurance contact card are the most important.  If you are out and about you never know when you are going to come across a boutique store that carries unique clothing items.

9. The List of places we intend to visit (because we just don’t want to miss anything)

We always try to maximize our time when we are travelling.  We usually have a list of places we want to cover that day.  With a list we make sure we don’t forget all the things we want to do.  We put the list together with the addresses to minimize the chance of getting lost.

10. Underwear (because you never want to run out of clean underwear!)

Lots and lots of underwear!  At least to cover everyday of your one, two or three week trip.  If you are gone longer have at least a month’s supply.

These travel items will make your adventures more fun and memorable!


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