Drifters Chronicles is about sharing travel stories from different perspectives, experiences and lifestyles.

About her…

My name is Charlene.  All my life I have moved around, I have been a “drifter”.  I have had the opportunity to live in other countries and explore other cultures.  There was a period of time where I didn’t travel as much.  In the last couple years I realized that I was missing a part of me.  I realized what that was when I started travelling again.  I wanted to share my experiences and chronicle my stories as a journal.   I am very excited to share this journey with others!

About him…

My name is Andrew. When I was younger I had gone to Mexico for spring break and done all types of road trips in North America for baseball tournaments but I had never really explored a distant land. In the past few years it has become a priority in life and I’ve realized that I should have started sooner. There is so much to see and do. I have a passion for nature and wildlife and can be found watching Nat Geo Marathons/ Nature documentaries throughout the week. On this blog I’ll share some of my travel and outdoors experiences with you…

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