Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island

Not far from where we were staying in Ucluelet, British Columbia is a lovely trail called the Wild Pacific Trail. Not to be confused with the longer and more popular West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.



This trail provides a number of hikes but mostly it is a fairly easy trail. It was more about taking in the scenery. The trail winds its way around the coast line of the island providing amazing views and possible wildlife encounters. The amazing thing with the island was that we were able to spot whales in the Ocean from the coastline.

A deer in the bush

A deer in the bush

The weather is usually mild and sometimes rainy and when the fog arrives in the morning it makes for some great photo opportunities. We spent a lot of time on the rocks by the water just hanging out and watching the waves. One of the things I would like to return and do some time is storm watching. It is one of the most popular times to visit because the waves are so high and violent.

The Coastline on the Wild Pacific Trail

The Coastline on the Wild Pacific Trail

If you enjoy hiking and amazing scenery this is definitely a trail/area to check out while you are visiting Vancouver Island!



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