A Sunset Visit to Neist Point – Isle of Skye

Neist Point

Neist Point

On this day the sun was shining bright and I knew this would be an amazing evening to visit Neist Point. I’ve seen pictures online and knew this was somewhere I wanted to stop given the opportunity. The roads are so skinny in Scotland, so much so that we had to pull over every time a car was coming in the opposite direction. We did lots of hiking and this was just a short walk to get to the lighthouse, about 45 minutes round trip. Neist point is located on the North Western portion of the Isle of Skye and takes about 45 minutes to get to from Portree which is one of the main towns on the island.

A Photographer Taking a Picture of the Sunset

A Photographer Taking a Picture of the Sunset

The thing I liked most about the Isle of Skye was the relaxed state of mind the natural beauty of the island put me in. They move at a very different pace on the island than we do in the city. The vegetation on the island is extremely green and I’m guessing that is because they get so much rain and are right on the ocean. While we were driving we had to stop the car so I could get out and herd sheep. They were everywhere and they weren’t really interested in moving out of the road. It was definitely a fun unique experience.  On our way back we encountered cows in the road which was interesting, never had that happen before.  We added a video just below to show the cows in the road. 


When we arrived there were only a couple cars around, it was extremely peaceful as you can tell by the pictures. Any tips? Try to go on a clear day so that you can see the distant islands. Bring rain gear as the weather is all over the place. Neist Point is definitely worth a visit if you are going to Isle of Skye




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