The Sunshine of the Costa Brava Region

Costa Brava Region

Costa Brava Region


Before we planned this trip I had never heard of this Northeastern region in Spain. It wasn’t until I read a couple blog posts I was convinced this was a place we needed to see. A couple hours north of Barcelona is Costa Brava. Bringing it up in conversation I was surprised how few people usually go to this region. This is easily one of the most picturesque places I have visited.


Hot weather, amazing coastlines, light blue water (we don’t really see a lot of that being on Lake Ontario). The Pyrenees mountains are also to the north. There are so many activities you could do in this region, from sailing on the water to hiking or skiing in the mountains.


We made a point of hiking on a trail along the coastline and grabbing lunch in the city of Palamos. A twitter friend had recommended we go to Platja Castell, and I’m glad we took this recommendation as it was a trip highlight. This is something that we did as a day trip from Girona. If you happen to be visiting Spain this is somewhere you should definitely visit.


A Cove along the shore line


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