5 things to do in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is an old city with lots to see. We stayed for about 5 days and drove in from the Isle of Skye on the west side of Scotland. Tourism thrives here and the people of the city are extremely friendly.  Here are 5 things to do on your next visit to Edinburgh.

1. Calton Hill 

For those days that you would just like to go for a walk and relax while on vacation I highly suggest visiting Calton Hill. While it takes a bit of energy to get to the top of the hill, the views are magnificent. The hill overlooks the city and seems to be a common place for locals and tourists to enjoy themselves. We spent part an afternoon here and enjoyed some sunshine.

The  view from Calton Hill

The view from Calton Hill

Overlooking the city

Overlooking the city

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The Alleyways of Edinburgh

Brodie's Close

Brodie’s Close

While walking along the beautiful Royal Mile in Edinburgh you will notice many openings between the many stores and restaurants.  It is very easy to be caught up in the action of the Royal Mile with the stunning Edinburgh Castle at the top.  But, part of travelling is to explore the not so common areas of the city.  Take a moment to peak or stroll down each alleyway.  You never know what you will find…

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