The Alleyways of Edinburgh

Brodie's Close

Brodie’s Close

While walking along the beautiful Royal Mile in Edinburgh you will notice many openings between the many stores and restaurants.  It is very easy to be caught up in the action of the Royal Mile with the stunning Edinburgh Castle at the top.  But, part of travelling is to explore the not so common areas of the city.  Take a moment to peak or stroll down each alleyway.  You never know what you will find…

The Alleyways of Edinburgh:

Fisher's Close

Fisher’s Close


Riddle's Close

Riddle’s Close


James' Court

James’ Court


Milne's Court

Milne’s Court


James' Court

James’ Court


Wardrop's Court

Wardrop’s Court


Lady Stair's Close

Lady Stair’s Close


Byres' Close

Byres’ Close


Advocate's Close

Advocate’s Close

This alleyway lead us right back to our hotel.  About 3/4 of the way down the stairs we came across this stylish lounge/food restaurant – The Devil’s Advocate Bar & Kitchen.  Each alleyway unique, almost like its own personality.  Edinburgh felt very welcoming from my perspective.

You just never know what you will find unless you explore!


2 thoughts on “The Alleyways of Edinburgh

  1. I love it that you call these “alleyways” 🙂 They’re normally called “closes”, as you’ve noticed, so it’s great for me to see them from your fresh perspective as a visitor…

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