Talisker Beach on the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is a true masterpiece of nature.  The landscape, the beautiful hikes and walks, the roaring waves.  You could easily spend a week on this isle.  One outing particularly stands out to me – Talisker Beach.  After about a 20 minute walk through a pathway and past a house, you will find this quiet beach with a breathtaking view.  Our goal was to be there for sunset, and it was a beautiful sunset.



Talisker Beach is near the Talisker Distillery on the West Coast of Isle of Skye.  The closest village is Carbost.

I love to admire the the rugged cliffs on coastlines.  The mixture of textures and colours of the green grass, jagged dark gray rock from the cliffs and the smooth weathered rocks on the beach, and dark blue water are stunning.  One of my favourite parts of travelling is seeing the varying landscape across countries.  You may notice the waterfall coming over the rocks about midpoint in the image below.


I love to listen to the sound of water crashing against rocks.


There were not many visitors at the beach while we were there, I’m not sure if there are more visitors during the day.  We always prefer less people when we travel.  I think there were only about five other people on the beach while we were there, two when we arrived and three more arrived after us.  If there are no set times for visiting locations I would always recommend going before or after the crowds come through.  It makes the experience a little more magical.


Along our hike, we ran into some wildlife.



As I already mentioned the sunset was absolutely beautiful.  We sat atop some of the rocks on the beach and watched the sun come down.  In the spring/summer months in Scotland, the sun sets later in the evening.


It was mesmerizing.  I just stared out into the water, nothing else around just water meets sky.  Breathing in the fresh, moist air.


The sun sparkling off the water makes you want to run and jump in.  Although I would only recommend that if you had a wet-suit, the water is cold


A sunset walk on Talisker Beach must be on your list when visiting Isle of Skye.




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