The Old World Charm of Bath, England


The City of Bath

The City of Bath


About 2.5 hours west of London England is a city called Bath. It is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. As with most things in England, the city is old and has lots of history behind it. The city was established to be a spa/”Bath” for the Romans many years ago. I only realized once I got there that this was how the city got its name. There were many pubs with very good deals throughout the day

The Bath Abbey

The Bath Abbey


The Roman Bath’s are obviously one of the most popular attractions in Bath. The admission was $12.75 and you can find more information about the attraction here The steam rises off of the water, as you can see in the picture.


The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths

The Bath Abbey is not far from the Roman Bath’s and is another element of this city worth checking out. There is so much detail put into European architecture, especially churches. You can see the type of detail that I’m talking about in the picture of the church door. Very unique.

The door at the Bath Abbey

The door at the Bath Abbey

Another attraction to check out while in Bath is the Pulteney Bridge that crosses the Avon River. It was built in the 18th century and hosts a bunch of small shops within it. It was nice to walk by during the day and to see at night when the lights illuminated the bridge.


4 thoughts on “The Old World Charm of Bath, England

  1. Great post. We visited Bath last year on a daytrip from Salisbury and loved it. Such history there. We especially enjoyed the Pulteney Bridge and the Baths. Awesome photos.

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