Hot Air Ballooning in Drakensberg, South Africa

It was December 31st, new year’s eve and I had a surprise for Charlene while we were staying in the Drakensberg Mountains. We were going to ride in a hot air balloon, something that neither Charlene or I had done before.

I’ve included a video from our experience that shows just how amazing our hot air balloon adventure was.

We woke up at 4am and drove to a farm in the countryside. We used Drakensberg Ballooning and David was our Pilot. We drove in the dark and got to the location for 5am, just in time for a lovely sunrise. We stood and watched as they set up the balloon and filled it with air.

There were about 7 people total in the large hot air balloon and we each had our own sections. We took off and it was mazing. The sun was coming up and you could see all of the farmland in the distance and the mountains as well. We went very high into the air. Normally I’m a little concerned with heights but inside the balloon I felt secure.

We passed a river and saw some wildlife running around.

We slowly started our descent and David the pilot did a wonderful job landing. A couple bumps here and there but we landed and came out safely. We then were shuttled back to his place for breakfast. I would highly recommend going on a hot air balloon adventure if you have a chance.


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