Trip of a Lifetime


It has been a long time since we posted to our blog.  But 2017 will bring many chronicles of our Trip of a Lifetime… South Africa!  We were very lucky that we wrung out 2016 and wrung in 2017 in stunning South Africa.  From city to safari to beaches, we saw it all.

I now can’t imagine any other way to celebrate the year that passed and look forward to the year to come.  It is truly wonderful to be somewhere else in the world and have the time to reflect on your journey.

We started our trip in Johannesburg (Joburg), flew down to Durban to begin the next lag of our trip.  Drove out to the Drakensberg Mountains (World Heritage site), back to Durban’s beautiful beaches, up to Tembe Elephant Park, and back down to St Lucia.  From Durban we flew out to Cape Town.  Spent a number of days in Cape Town exploring and drove out to Cape Point and Hout Bay.  As you can imagine this took many hours of research, and planning.  I have to thank my husband, Andrew, for a truly amazing adventure.

Johannesburg is in Gauteng province, Durban is in KwaZulu-Natal province, and Cape Town is in Western Cape province.SA Map.jpg

Map courtesy of

There will be many more chronicles to come, but I have included a few pictures so you can appreciate the beautiful scenery of stunning South Africa.


Hiking mountains


Tracking animals


Watching waves


Enjoying views


Appreciating sunsets






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