The Medieval Appeal of the Prague Castle

St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle is the Castle located on the hill. It is close to the city centre and a must visit if you are staying in Prague.  The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and built sometime in the 800’s. It is OLD to put it bluntly. I love all things medieval, maybe it is an appreciation for the buildings and craftsmanship of that time. Have a look at this door we found within the castle, could we find something so unique in this day and age?!?!

An old door within the castle

An old door within the castle

While I was there, I remember thinking to myself “wow, how long did it take them to make this building and how many people did they use”. To really bring the detail into perspective, look at the picture below. Pretty impressive.
IMG_0876Walking around the inside of the castle was just as fascinating, bringing us back into time. There was a really fun activity that we did in the castle’s corridor, bow and arrows. The picture below shows Charlene and the target. She hit the centre of it while I couldn’t even get close.
IMG_0860The Golden Lane…You may have heard of it in National Geographic. It is worth visiting. The houses are so colourful and filled with all types of shops. Below are two pictures of the Golden Lane. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture it is a major tourist attraction and draws large crowds. Go early if you want to see it with less people around.

A House on the Golden Lane

A House on the Golden Lane


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