A Castle in the Hills: Kylemore Abbey


Kylemore Abbey

The Connemara region of Ireland is perhaps one of the most beautiful regions of the world. Honestly, I didn’t realize this until I saw it with my own eyes. In the midst of all of the big hills they have, is Kylemore Abbey. This castle is stunning. While I was researching some of the destinations we would cover during our trip to Ireland, I remember putting a star beside this one. While it isn’t quite like the castles you would see in Old Europe, it is still quite unique and definitely worth a visit. 

The Castle

The Castle

The castle is a little over 150 years old. Ownership has been passed from a rich American businessman to a community of nuns. Within the complex there is a castle, a church, a nice Victorian garden and a tomb.

The view from the front door

The view from the front door

The Church

The Church

On the day that we went we were the first to arrive right before opening, we are allergic to tourist crowds sometimes. As a result we were able to have the grounds to ourselves which was nice. We did a post about the West Coast of Ireland here https://drifterschronicles.com/2013/08/07/west-coast-of-ireland/

The Victorian Garden

The Victorian Garden

More information about the castle can be found here www.kylemoreabbeytourism.ie


2 thoughts on “A Castle in the Hills: Kylemore Abbey

    • It is cold here in Canada right now as well. Cold and Snowy!!! The Uk is on our travel list again and I can’t wait to see the scenery in the mountains/hills of Scotland. Thanks for stopping by.

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