Visiting Hatley Castle near Victoria, British Columbia

Hatley Castle is a short drive from Victoria, BC and is on the campus of Royal Roads University. I must admit one of our main reasons for making this stop on our west coast visit was that I used to watch the TV show Smallville. Hatley Castle was Lex Luthor’s mansion in the TV show and being a huge fan of the show I had to stop by and see it first hand.


We didn’t end up going inside of the Castle even though we could pay for a tour. Mostly because all of the rooms have been converted to offices and students have classes in there. We were also on a limited time schedule. Regardless we were able to walk all around the exterior of the building and enjoy the garden as well.


The castle was completed in 1908 and you won’t find very many pieces of architecture quite like this in Canada. The only other places I can think about are Casa Loma in Toronto and a few places in Old Quebec. If you are visiting Victoria B.C., this is somewhere to put on your to do list.




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