Dublin: The History, The Culture, The Guinness

Trinity College, Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin

Be sure to take a stroll through Trinity College while in Dublin.  A beautiful campus, I can’t believe students actually sit in classrooms in these old buildings.  Trinity was founded back in 1592.  Even the trees looks ancient, with all the branches growing in all different directions.  

Trinity College Library Dublin was incredible, even though it was a small space.  The architecture was incredible and the books, the books were old and the room smelled of old paper.  It was wonderful.  I wish we were allowed to take some pictures.  It must be one of the places you visit in Dublin.

If you are in Dublin and you only have time to make one stop – this should be it!  The world famous Guinness factory.  When you pay admission you receive a complimentary ticket for a pint of Guinness  beer.  Now, I’m not a beer drinker but when they poured my beer it looked perfect.  Almost to perfect to drink!  Of course, I had to try.

The Guinness Factory

The Guinness Factory

The man who started Guinness signed a 9000 year lease back in 1759.  Imagine signing your rental agreement back in that time for 9000 years.  Your rent would probably be cheaper than a specialty coffee.  Think of all the money you would have to travel!

The lease

The lease

I love pub food – it’s filling and hearty!  Two nights in a row we ate at the Merchants Arch.  Fabulous service, great food, and live music!  One of the things you can’t miss when you are in Ireland is the live music.  The whole atmosphere at an Irish pub is unbeatable.  The second night we came back our server remembered us from the night before, has this ever happened to you while travelling? 


River Liffey runs through Dublin and is a main water source in Dublin.  There are many bridges that connect the two sides of Dublin.  In the few days that we spent in Dublin, the weather was decent.  When I say decent I mean it hardly rained.  Even though I was prepared for the rainy weather I’m happy to say it didn’t rain too much while we were in Dublin.



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